Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal will be on FRIDAY, May 31st, at the Karnes City H.S. Performing Arts Center.  Dress rehearsal is mandatory. If your child does not attend dress rehearsal or is late and misses their dance time, they will not be allowed to perform in the recital. A schedule of your approximate performance time, along with more specific details, will be sent home in mid-May. Plan to spend 2 hours (per show) at the auditorium during dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsals will go in show order and will be in full makeup/hair/costume, exactly like we will perform.

Dress Rehearsal May 31st:
Show 1: 4:00 -6:00 p.m.
Show 2: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

All students and parents need to be in the auditorium 30 min prior to rehearsal. Be dressed and ready to go!! Times are tentative, please be patient.  We will try our best to run ahead of schedule.  You are free to leave rehearsal after your child has performed ALL of his or her routines.  It is strongly recommended that you make arrangements now to leave siblings at home. There is no need for the entire family to be at dress rehearsal. Your dancer will appreciate your one-on-one attention, and you will enjoy focusing on your child.  

Parents will have access to their children during the dress rehearsal. In addition, parents and students are welcome to sit quietly in the auditorium while dress rehearsal is going on. Dancers are not allowed to be in the auditorium recital night; therefore, we encourage them to stay seated and watch their fellow dancers and friends perform at rehearsal.  It will be their only opportunity to see these other dances.  Since videotaping and flash photography is prohibited during the recital, you are welcome to video record and take photos during the dress rehearsal.   

Show ORDER & Hairstyles 




1 FV Combined Competition Hip Hop Bubble Braids
2 Jazz Solo – Lilliana Lopez High ponytail 
3 Ballet Folklorico KIDS 2

Bun with braid hairpiece & Bun with cowboy hat (zap)

4 FV Early Beginning Acro Dance 8 -10 Bun with braids
5 FV – JR Competition Hip Hop Bubble Braids
6 FV Ms. Erin First Steps 2 High centered bun with bow in front
7 KC Wednesday First Steps (Savannah) High centered bun with bow in front
8 FV Little Bops 1 High centered ponytail
9 KC Combo 1 High centered bun
10 FV Lyrical 2 Girls- Low center pony w/ center part; Boys- Hair combed
11 FV – Ms. Savannah First Steps  5p.m. Down and curled, Bow on front Left side
12 FV-Beginning Acro Dance 4-5 High ponytail 
13 Jazz Duet – Symbrey and Libby Side topsy turvy ponytail
14 Teacher Solo
15 KC-Toddler Creative Movement (Savannah) Half up/Half down with curls. Bow on top
16 FV-Beginning Lyrical High centered bun
17 FV-Jazz/Tap 1 Mid ponytail with bump and scarf tied on top
18 FV Ms. Erin Combo Ages 5/6 High centered bun with bow in front
19 FV Ballet Folklorico TEENS and ADULTS Bun with flowers
20 FV Little Bops 2 High centered pony
21 Hip Hop Duet – Molly and Saedi Bubble Braids
22 FV Ms. Erin First Steps 1 High Pigtails
23 FV Ballet Folklorico TOTS Bun with braid hairpiece
24 Jazz Solo – Delaney High ponytail 
25 FV Beginning Jazz/Tap Combo Low Bun
26 KC Beginning Acro Dance Ages 5-7 Buns with braids 
27 Performing Jazz High ponytail 
28 Teacher Feature



REHEARSAL: MAY 31 – 6:30P.M.

RECITAL: JUNE 1 – 5:30P.M.

1 FV Combined Competition HIP HOP Bubble Braids
2 FV Ballet Folklorico KIDS 2 Bun w/braids
3 FV Ms. Erin Toddler Creative Movement Pulled back. Bow on top
4 FV SR Performing HIP HOP Bubble Braids
5 FV-Beginning Acro Dance 6-7 Bun with braids
6 FV-Ms Christina Little Bops High center pony
7 KC & FV Combined Pre-Ballet Right side part, medium low bun on left
8 Jazz Solo – Symbrey High center pony
9 KC & FV Combined Acro 8-10 High center pony
10 Ms Christina Combo 5/6 High center pony
11 FV Ms. Meribeth First Steps 1 Curls away from face
12 Jazz/Tap 1 Mid ponytail with bump and scarf tied on top
13 Teacher Solo
14 FV Lyrical 1 Low bun of left 
15 FV Ms. Meribeth Toddler Creative Movement High ponytail, curled
16 FV – Ms Christina First Steps 2 Curls w/ hair pinned on dancer’s right.
17 FV Ballet Folklorico TEENS and ADULTS Bun with braids
18 Contemporary Duet
19 KC Combo 2 Jazz/Tap hair parted on right, Low bun left side
20 FV Hip Hop 1 Down, left side pinned back
21 FV Ms. Erin Combo 6/7 half up half down
22 Lyrical 2 Girls- Low center pony w/ center part; Boys- Hair combed
23 KC Monday First Steps (Meribeth) High centered ponytail with curls
24 KC Monday Little Bops Girls:curled high ponytail. Boys:spiked hair 
25 FV Ballet Folklorico KIDS 1 Bun w/braid hairpiece
26 FV Ms. Savannah First Steps 5:45 Hair in Bun, Bow in front
27 FV Hip Hop 2 low ponytail center part
28 Performing Jazz High center pony
29 Teacher Routine


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