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About Our Dance Studio

Welcome to Studio C, your premier destination for dance in Wilson County, Floresville, and now Karnes City, Texas and the surrounding areas! Since 2011, we have been dedicated to providing our community with the most elegant dance studio experience.

Step into our 3,500-square-foot dance floor and immerse yourself in a world of beauty and sophistication. Our studio boasts wood floors, elegant vaulted ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, creating the perfect ambiance for dancers to excel.

At Studio C, we pride ourselves on our team of experienced dance instructors who bring over 50 years of combined expertise to our students. We believe that the study of dance can cultivate poise, grace, beauty, and strength, essential qualities for a healthy and confident mindset at any stage of life.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality dance education to our students. Through our professional instruction and personalized attention, we strive to foster a nurturing environment where dancers can thrive and reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer honing your skills, Studio C is here to support and guide you on your dance journey. Join us and discover the transformative power of dance in an elegant and enriching setting.

Come experience the Studio C difference and unlock the boundless possibilities that dance has to offer.


Dance requires a strong foundation of technical skills and proficiency.  Technique provides dancers with the tools to execute movements accurately and expressively.


Dance is a form of artistic expression, and developing artistry is a vital focus. It involves exploring creativity, musicality, interpretation, and emotional connection. 


Dance is meant to be shared and experienced by an audience. Performance focus involves honing stage presence, confidence, and the ability to captivate and engage viewers. 

Dance Courses

Dance Studio


Lyrical dance is a captivating fusion of ballet and contemporary techniques, beautifully expressing emotions and storytelling through fluid and expressive movements.

Dance Studio

First Steps

First Steps is a structured dance class for little ones, offering a perfect introduction to the world of dance with tap, ballet, and tumbling, where they can learn and explore these disciplines in a fun and nurturing environment.

Dance Studio


Ballet is a timeless and graceful dance form that combines strength, precision, and artistry, allowing dancers to express themselves through elegant movements and tell stories with their bodies.

Dance Studio

Jazz/ Tap

Jazz and tap dance are vibrant and energetic styles that captivate audiences with their rhythmic footwork, dynamic movements, and infectious sense of joy and expression.

Dance Studio

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a high-energy and urban style that encompasses a wide range of movement, from powerful and explosive to smooth and intricate, allowing dancers to express their individuality and connect with the rhythm and beats of the music.

Dance Studio

Acro Dance

Acro dance combines the grace and flexibility of dance with the strength and athleticism of acrobatics, resulting in a captivating fusion of dynamic movements, impressive tricks, and seamless transitions.

Dance Studio

Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklórico is a vibrant and rich traditional Mexican dance form that celebrates the cultural heritage of Mexico through lively choreography, colorful costumes, and rhythmic music, showcasing the diversity and beauty of Mexican traditions.

Studio Locations

Studio C is proud to offer two convenient locations in Floresville, TX and Karnes City, TX. We understand the importance of accessibility for our students and their families, which is why we have expanded our reach to serve a wider community. Whether you reside in Floresville or Karnes City, you can now experience the same excellence in dance education that Studio C is known for. With our multiple locations, we aim to provide convenience and flexibility to accommodate the busy schedules of our students. No matter which Studio C location you choose, you can expect the same elegant dance studios, experienced instructors, and a supportive environment that will nurture your passion for dance.

Floresville Locations

Main Location: 246 Paloma Drive
Floresville, TX 78114

Downtown Location: 1101 C Street, Floresville, TX 78114 (inside the JC Turner building)

Experience the Excellence of South Texas’ Premier Dance Studio, with Convenient Locations in Floresville and Beyond.

Karnes City Location

Address:  102 S Market St, Karnes City, TX 78118 (inside the Hermann Sons Lodge)

Opening: Fall 2023 Dance Season

Discover the Excellence of South Texas’ Premier Dance Studio, Now with a New Location in the Vibrant Karnes City and Kenedy Area.

Parent Testimonials

“My daughter loves it here! The staff is professional and keeps us well informed. We’ve had a great experience.”


“This is the most prestige dance school you will find in Floresville. Christina and Erin are amazing and teach the best dance techniques. 100% real dance.”

Amber V.

“Spacious room great sound system and fantastic teachers. I love dancing at Studio C School of Dance”

Cathy S.

Studio C is the Premier Dance Studio in South Texas!

Floresville Studio

Main Location: 246 Paloma Drive
Floresville, TX 78114

Downtown Location: 1101 C Street, Floresville, TX 78114 

Karnes City Studio

102 S Market St, Karnes City, TX 78118




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